Parish Council - Mr. Don Kyle, Parish Council Executive Officer

Finance Council - Mr. James Stone, Finance Council Executive Officer

Liturgy Committee

This committee advises the parish council on the needs for the normal liturgies (Sunday & Daily), specific themes for each liturgical season, and implements plans for the entire liturgical environment.  They also review the effectiveness and needs of the following ministries: Eucharistic ministers, ushers, altar servers and coordinators, lectors, music and cantors, and sacristans. 

Parish/Family Life Committee

This committee implements the spirit of inclusion and helps build the parish community by conveying a warm welcome to all new parishioners; and enhancing the interaction between all parishioners by working with all other parish groups (Knights of Columbus, Ladies Auxiliary of Knights of Columbus, and other ethnic organizations) to strengthen the parish community.  They advise the council on opportunities for social activities and other hospitality events that will bring the parish together. 

Social Concerns Committee

This committee advises the parish council on how to foster involvement of parishioners in social concerns, and how to educate and engage parishioners on a wide range of public policy issues of our time, specifically helping the less fortunate, protecting human life, and making a difference in the world. 

Christian Formation Committee

This committee focuses on sacramental preparation, adult and family education, and youth and young adult education.  They advise the parish council on the design, implementation, and evaluation of all the Christian educational/formational programs of the parish.

Building & Maintenance Committee

This committee evaluates the physical assets of the parish; the proposals for upcoming parish projects; and advises the parish council on recommended solutions.  They meet as needed with architects, contractors, suppliers, and connected groups of the parish.