The Sacrament of Matrimony involves two baptized people, one or both of whom are Catholic, becoming husband and wife through a sacred covenant with God and each other. 

If the non-Catholic was baptized in a non-Catholic church, this person needs documentation verifying that they were Baptism.  If he/she is unbaptized, or of a non-Christian religion, he/she needs to get a special dispensation from the local bishop which can be obtained by the Priest or Deacon performing the ceremony.

Couples who want to marry are requested to make arrangements with a Priest or Deacon at least 12 months before the wedding.  Couples are then required to participate in a ‘Pre-Marriage Instruction Program’.  During this Pre-Cana period, the Priest or Deacon offers practical financial and emotional advice to the couple, as well as instructions on the spiritual nature of marriage and natural family planning.  Please call the parish office (410-250-0300) to register for this program.