Parish History

The Beginning

On June 26, 1985 Bishop Robert E. Mulvee appointed Fr. Richard Gardiner as the founding Pastor of the parish assigning St. Luke’s Church (and eventually St. Andrew’s Parish Center) as the second Catholic Parish in Ocean City, MD. 

Previously St. Luke’s was a mission church of St. Mary, Star of the Sea/Holy Savior Parish.  Fr. Gardiner became Pastor of 558 families until his death in 1989.


Fr. Leonard Blakely assigned in June of 1989 to assist Fr. Gardiner administered the parish until Fr. Bruce Byrolly was appointed our second Pastor in December, 1989.  Fr. Blakely remained an Associate Pastor until 1994. From 1989 to 1991, the number of families increased 96%.  Plans were started for the construction of an additional church to be located in Ocean Pines.  Fr. Byrolly was Pastor until June, 1991.


In June, 1991, Bishop Mulvee appointed Fr. William J. Porter as the third Pastor.  Fr. Porter remained pastor until June, 2003.  He was assisted by Fr. Patrick O’Neill (1995-1999), and Fr. Joseph Piekarski (1998-2001).  During this time, construction began on St. Andrew’s Parish Center as well as St. John Neumann Church and Religious Education Center to be located to the west in Ocean Pines.  On October 17, 1993, St. Andrew’s Parish Center was blessed by Bishop Mulvee.  On January 5, 1995, Bishop Mulvee returned to dedicate St. John Neumann Church and Religious Education Center.

In June 2000, Bishop Michael Saltarelli, who was now the eighth Bishop of Wilmington, appointed Fr. Edward Fahey, Jr. Associate Pastor and he remained in this capacity until June, 2007.  In June 2002, Bishop Saltarelli appointed Fr. Raymond Weisman Associate Pastor.


In June 2003, Fr. Raymond Weisman was appointed the fourth Pastor, and Fr. Thomas J. Protack was appointed as Associate Pastor.  In November 2005, Bishop Saltarelli appointed Fr. Thomas Protack as Administrator of the parish, and a month later he appointed Fr. John Kavanaugh Associate Pastor.  In June 2006, Bishop Saltarelli appointed Fr. Richard Smith Associate Pastor, and four months later appointed Fr. Thomas Protack the fifth Pastor of St. Luke’s Parish and the mission churches of St. Andrew and St. John Neumann.  In June 2007, Bishop Saltarelli appointed Fr. Anthony Pileggi Associate Pastor, and 4 months later Fr. Pileggi moved to St. John Neumann along with Fr. Thomas Protack when St. John Neumann became its own parish.


On October 7, 2007, Bishop Saltarelli appointed Fr. Christopher LaBarge the sixth Pastor of what is now just St. Luke's-St. Andrew's.  On June 30, 2008, Bishop Saltarelli appointed Fr. Richard Smith temporary Administrator.  On June 22, 2009, Bishop W. Francis Malooly, who had been appointed the ninth Bishop of the Diocese of Wilmington on July 7, 2008, removed the “temporary” label and Fr. Richard Smith became Administrator of our parish until October 4, 2009, when Fr. Richard Smith was officially appointed by Bishop Malooly as the seventh Pastor of St. Luke’s-St. Andrew’s parish.  Also in 2009, Bishop Malooly appointed Fr. Michael Casari Associate Pastor until he retired on June 30, 2011.

On July 1, 2011, Bishop Malooly appointed the newly-ordained Fr. Anthony Cardone Associate Pastor. Two years later when Fr. Cardone moved to a diocese in New York, Bishop Malooly appointed Fr. John Lunness Associate Pastor.  When Fr. Richard Smith requested medical leave in October, 2014, Fr. Edward Aigner was appointed temporary Administrator.  A few weeks later on October 30, 2014, Fr. Richard Smith passed away.  Fr. Edward Aigner continued as Administrator of our parish until a new pastor could be appointed.


On May 19, 2015, Fr. Paul F. Jennings, Jr. was appointed by Bishop Malooly as the eighth Pastor of St. Luke’s-St. Andrew’s Parish.  Presently, the parish of St. Luke’s-St. Andrew’s is home to 1200 families. On July 17, 2018 Fr. Steve Giuliano was appointed Associate Pastor. In June 2022, Bishop William Koenig, who was now the tenth Bishop of Wilmington, appointed Fr. Lance Martin Associate Pastor.  Many retired priests have also served the parish celebrating masses on weekends and on Holy Days.