Eucharistic Ministers

Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion

Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion assist priests and deacons in the distribution of the consecrated Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful gathered in a Eucharistic Celebration. 

The Diocese of Wilmington has specific guidelines that must be followed by those faithful who are called to this special ministry.  Candidates must complete a diocesan-lead ‘formation class’ which is held throughout the year.  Following the successful completion of the ‘formation class’, training at the parish level continues to prepare candidates to be new Ministers of Holy Communion. 

Some Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion are trained to serve as ‘Ministers of Holy Communion for the Sick’.  They visit hospitals and nursing homes daily as well as bringing the Lord to our home-bound parishioners. 

If you are interested in becoming an Extra-Ordinary Minister of the Holy Communiont, please contact the office at 410-250-0300.

Pastoral Care at Home    If you, a family member, or a friend are sick and cannot participate in Mass, or the sacraments, please call the office (410-250-0300) and arrangements can be made to have one of our lay ministers visit you and bring the Eucharist to you on a regular basis.